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Below given is the information that will help you to perform the router login procedure.  

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Points To Remember Before Router Login

The following are some of the points that you must keep in mind before you start with the login process. These steps will help you in error-free router login experience. 

  • MyNetegear and Netgear router are two separate accounts. 
  • Your web browser must be updated for error-free login.
  • You must set up your router and turn it on. Then, connect it to your system using the LAN Cables. 
  • High signals strength is much needed for accessing your account. 
  • There must be some distance between your router and modem for avoiding signals clashing. 
  • The power outlet of the router must be on throughout the process for an uninterrupted supply of power. 

Router login Procedure

The router login process can be performed either through your computer system or mobile device. For router login through the website, you have to visit the login webpage using the web browser and entering URL or default IP address. URLs that you can enter are “” or “”. Alternatively, you can also opt to provide the Default IP Address instead of URL. This will take you to your desired webpage. In the login window, provide the username and password that Netgear has assigned to your router on its own. In case, you have changed the password, then make sure you use the updated one. Once you are done with providing valid information, you have to select the “Sign In” option. This will successfully conclude the process and will take you to your Netgear account. 

If you want to sign in to your account through your mobile device, then, you have to install the Nighthawk application that is designed by Netgear for mobile users. After installation, log in to your MyNetgear account and connect your router and computer. Then, you will get the Netgear router login window. Provide the credentials and confirm the process. 

    You can also seek the help of our technical experts to help you install the extender by calling us at our toll-free customer service numbers or by chatting with them.


    Netgear Router Login


    Commonly Asked Questions

    Q1. Where can I find the default IP Address?

    Ans. Using the default IP Address of your router you can access your router login interface. IP Address is a 32-bit number. This number is separated by periods. Hence, for router login, if you need the IP Address, then you can look for it in the below-mentioned locations. 

    • Router: To find the default IP Address, you have to turn your router and look at its back. The IP Address of your router will be printed there. 
    • User Manual: On purchasing the Netgear router, a user manual will come along with that. You can find your router’s IP Address in that user manual. 

    • Computer system: If you are using a Windows or Mac device, then you can find the IP Address by getting the list of network connections through command prompt (in Windows device) and through settings (in Mac).

    Q2. Is it important to establish a connection between the router and the computer? If yes, then how?

    Ans. For the router login, it is important that your system or mobile device is well connected to your Netgear router. In order to make a connection, you must need:

    • Router
    • Modem
    • LAN Cables
    • Power Cables

    Once you get all these, you have to unbox your router and modem. Then, attach the antennas to the router, if you have any. After that, attach the power cable to both router and modem and turn them on. Using the LAN Cable, connect the router with the modem and router with the computer. 

    Q3. What are the default router credentials and where to find them?

    Ans. Default login credentials are the username and password that are assigned to the router by its manufacturer i.e. Netgear. All the Netgear routers come with default credentials. You will need these credentials for the first time login. In case, you won’t change the password, then you have to use the same again and again. 

    In general, the default username and password of the Netgear router’s is “admin” and “password”, respectively. However, these credentials may vary with the router models. Hence, you must check them first. You can find these credentials at the back of your router. You have to take your router and look at the back of it by turning it. Credentials will be printed there. 

    Q4. At once, how many computers or mobile devices can I connect with a single Netgear router?

    Ans. There is no limit for the devices you can connect. At the same time, you can connect any number of devices. If you have connected three to five devices, you won’t find any change in the network connection. However, on connecting more than 5 devices, the performance of network connectivity will decrease noticeably.